2015 / 2016 End of Season Dinner – President Report

End of Season Awards Dinner

The Hotel Ambassador was the venue for JTC Jersey Wanderers ‘End of Season’ awards evening held at the end of May.  There were 39 club members in attendance with 17 beautifully dressed girls from our Ladies section along with their manager Daniel Seviour who had also made a concerted effort in the appearance stakes as well! The remaining 21 Club members included our Honorary Life President Mr Frank ‘Ginger’ Lucas, Andrew Johnstone – the  First Team Manager and Paul Witt the Reserve Team Manager – who were in charge of the 17 boys and, last but not, least Gary Dauvin  – whoever he is….

After the Hotel had served us a really nice meal (much better than the Muratti Centenary Dinner affair according to one elderly club member who may have likened it to a cat’s dinner at the top of his raspy voice) I thanked the banqueting team for looking after us and welcomed everyone to the awards celebrating their contribution, commitment and successes for that year. The team captains were invited up from the respective divisions to say a few words and to give us their version of events of the season just gone before the Club Honours were presented to the following people:

·         First Team Manager Choice – Kamen Nafkha

·         First Team Players’ Player – Dan Romeril

·         Reserves Manager Choice – Harrison Moon

·         Reserves Players’ Player – Ryan Mcmonagle

·         Under 18s Manager Choice – Josh Daniels

·         Under 18s Players’ Player – Josh Daniels

·         Ladies Manager Choice – Sian Noble

·         Ladies Players’ Player – Jo Cabot

I then had the honour of recognising a stunned but elated Sian Noble as the Club Person of the Year Award. Sian had been nominated as a thoroughly deserving and worthy recipient as she was instrumental at the start of the season in getting the girls together and making sure we had sufficient numbers to enter the league and continue through.  She additionally took on the poisoned chalice of successfully collecting player subs, assisting with fundraising events, helping out behind the bar and being a valuable team player in the Ladies as well as contributing to our community through her role on the Club Committee.  She ticked a lot of boxes that girl!

With the formal proceedings now finished, as Club President I thanked everyone present (as well as toasting absent friends) for their own contributions and, in particular, we raised a glass or six to the team coaches for giving up a lot of their spare time to develop and encourage the players.

It really was a fantastic evening and especially heartening to see representation from four of our teams who really got on with enjoying themselves. The atmosphere, the banter, the laughter, the memories, the red and white dress code, the Club song – all the important ingredients were there.

This was my very last awards evening in my official capacity at Jersey Wanderers and, looking around, I was filled with such a sense of pride that I confess there may have been a few tears in the eye of this bald old coot.

JTC Jersey Wanderers FC. Our Club. Our Community.