Ladies League Winners


14 May 2018

A job well done!

The ladies of JTC JWFC started off their season on high by taking home the Zenith Cup, the first trophy up for grabs this season. They then pushed on through the winter months with an unbeaten record until recently they came up against St Lawrence in the final of the Colin Welsh Cup which saw their first loss with a one goal defeat.

However, victorious celebrations weren’t too far away when they were crowned League Champions having won a series of consecutive games. This then meant that they took on the mantle of representing ‘The Best’ in the annual ‘Best v. The Rest’ match – the rest being a combination team consisting of the best players selected from all other teams. Unfortunately the girls did suffer a loss here but everyone was extremely honoured to have participated and, importantly, felt that they lost gracefully and as a team.

Sian Noble, a long-term player commented: “That’s the great thing about our team – we win together, we lose together, we’re there for each other.

“All in all, it’s been a tremendous season for us and we’ve made Wanderers history with the league title. After so many seasons of defeat and struggling to find players and coaches, it feels like all the hard work has finally paid off. I’m super proud of what we have achieved and hopefully we’ll enjoy many more years like this to come. Special mention and thanks to our Manager Mark Kelly – we did it together!”

Team Celebration