Unsung Sporting Hero of the Year Nomination – Pride of Jersey Awards Clive Richardson

Pride of Jersey Unsung Sporting Hero of the Year

A MAN who does a ‘fantastic job’ coaching the JTC Jersey Wanderers mini football team has been nominated for the Unsung Sporting Hero of the Year award as part of the Jersey Evening Post’s Pride of Jersey Award scheme.

Clive Richardson has been a volunteer coach for the JTC Jersey Wanderers for many years and gives his time every Sunday, regardless of the weather. He is able to juggle being a financial consultant at Advisa with his voluntary coaching, proving his passion for the sport.

Siobhan O’Sullivan, whose son plays for the JTC minis, commended his dedication to coaching boys and girls in the 5-10 years age bracket and said: ‘Clive and his team instil in the JTC minis the importance of teamwork, respect and hard work.’

It is Clive’s ability to support each of the youngsters he coaches that Mrs O’Sullivan admires about him: ‘He focuses on the child, the team and the love of the game, creating a nurturing environment for a child to thrive. I have seen my son’s confidence grow and he can’t wait to play football with his teammates and never wants to let his team down thanks to Clive and the others.’

Although Clive is a volunteer, he also keeps parents up to date with regular texts and emails, and organises games to challenge his team further.

In final praise of Clive’s coaching, his nominator added: ‘The Island is fortunate to have volunteers like Clive, and the JTC minis are extremely fortunate to have him and his volunteer team looking after the next generation of footballers.’