AJ picks up some tips from the England manager…

Tips from the England Manager

First team manager, Andrew Johnstone (AJ), recently had the opportunity to speak on the telephone to interim England manager, Gareth Southgate. Sponsored by the information service, Bloomberg, in his role as ambassador for the Prince’s Trust, Southgate took some time to make outward calls to Bloomberg users across the UK and AJ was fortunate enough to pick his brains.

‘As we all see on television, he’s a very articulate guy and clearly very knowledgeable in his line of work’ said AJ. “I asked him if today was a tracksuit or suit day, but as all the guys in the Bloomberg office were in fancy dress he said he’d feel overdressed either way.

“I deliberately avoided what I imagine everyone asked him about the England job on a permanent basis and Wayne Rooney. We chatted about the upcoming England V Scotland game and how he prepared the team for what is likely be more akin to a Premier League match than an International fixture. He’d been prompted that was involved with a local club and it was interesting to hear his views on what value the coaching badges offer to amateurs, when to deviate away from the text book and how best to try and motivate lads that play for the love of it, rather than a pay cheque.

“All in all a really interesting 10 minutes or so, before he was off for his next call. I’m sure he’s right on it now texting his mates to say he’d just spoken to the JTC Jersey Wanderers Manager!’.